Life is hectic, school is hectic, all the applications are in.

Mianmian is also anywhere from 7 to 9 weeks pregnant, and getting the cage ready for babies has been another huge struggle.

Lots of moving over the past month – to Toronto, a weeklong trip in Ottawa, back to Toronto, back to Waterloo. No, they didn’t come with me to Ottawa!

Ever since the fluffbutts came I’ve been neglecting my other hobbies – no knitting or crocheting, and no time to develop my lomo pictures either….or money. Pets are expensive!

Will update when babies arrive.


{Fluffbutts} Guinea Pigs, Fluffy Pigs, Dummy Pigs???

2013-12-17 11.06.55

In Chinese, we call guinea pigs 豚鼠/túnshǔ. My family likes to call them 甜鼠/tianshu (sweet pigs) – because Tian is me! I call them my silly fluffbutts. My friend calls them 蠢鼠/chǔnshǔ (stupid pigs). Now which one is the most apt…?

As much as I think guinea pigs have to be some of the dumbest domesticated creatures alive, lately I’ve been wondering if they don’t show their intelligence in other ways. They seem to be quite capable of jealousy, for example – if either Xiuxiu or Mianmian is on my lap for cuddle and lettuce time, the other one refuses to come up. If I’m having a late lie-in and they absolutely must be fed now….a lot of wheeking ought to do the trick. If that won’t, well, time to make a break for it! (But if mommy’s not in the room…nah…..no point.) I’m still not sure if they even recognise me, or if they only recognise their room!? Or their food!?

But intelligence isn’t only measured by someone’s ability to, say, find the transition probability between the vacuum state and the first excited state. I guess the babies have their own talents!

….Last exam in an hour, by the way. Yikes~!


{Fluffbutts} Jailbreak!

Three out of the past four days, I’ve been woken up to little paws and squeaks coming from all over my room. Turns out the fluffbutts have figured out they can chew through cloth latches… I mean, really!? The day before yesterday I replaced it with this crocheted strip I had lying around. It worked! Or so I thought. And then this morning…


How did they undo a button anyway???

The thing is, they never do this while I’m gone during the day! They really are like small children. Mommy~ mommy~ play with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

Sigh. I’ll have to figure something out.

Mostly I’m glad they’re feeling better after last night’s scare! Usually my room is overheated to the point if I don’t leave the window open it gets…way too hot. I guess they must have fixed that yesterday, because I came home and my room was freezing! When I picked up Xiuxiu, he was cold to the touch and wouldn’t stop shivering. (Mianmian was okay, but just in case I dropped a blanket with a hot water bottle into their cage.) I tried to bundle him in a scarf on my lap, but he also refused to stay put, and I had to bribe him to stay with a carrot.


Eventually he realised staying in the scarf blanket was warm…. /poking head out here.

Being that cold must have made him extra nervous… once he stopped shivering, he went back to being his usual floppy half-comatose self, burrowed into my sweater pocket (with his usual eventual attempts to crawl into my sleeve). It was such a change from the nervous wreck he’d been a few minutes ago I had to keep checking to make sure he hadn’t stopped breathing or something u_u But judging from their activity this morning, yesterday’s cold snap seems to have worn off entirely 🙂 Thank goodness!

Looks like winter’s really hit…and now that it’s December, I have no right to complain about the snow. It’s snowing right now ): How unpleasant.


{Fluffbutts} Oh no…

Is there a way to stop guinea pigs from eating everything? Cardboard, candy wrappers, old basil leaves, okay…

What happens when hyper guinea pigs have caffeine? Stay tuned for the upcoming disaster.

(Put my empty cup of tea down for a minute as I boiled water, turned around to see they’d gotten into the cup.)

1:45 PM – initial observations include increased fearlessness and an increased willingness to eat everything. no mianmian, MY PHONE CASE IS NOT FOOD.

2:03 PM – xiuxiu just attempted to eat my panda hat. oh dear.

2:05 PM – not sure if this is just usual bouncing off the walls or a higher state of bouncing off the walls. either way, a lot of bouncing off walls is happening.

2:15 PM – they are still terrified of the vacuum cleaner. good call.

3:00 PM – they’re both asleep, THANK GOD

it's difficult to reconcile these peaceful babies with the little demons of a few hours ago.

it’s difficult to reconcile these peaceful babies with the little demons of a few hours ago.


{Fluffbutts} Favoritism

I tell people that the fluffbutts are like my friends, or very, very small children. And like one would have with friends or children, I have a favourite. But even my favourite babbu can have some really…irritating…habits….

For some reason, Xiuxiu loves playing with the water bottle. For. Hours. (Okay, maybe just minutes at a time but it seems like hours). Child, why can’t you be more like Mianmian??? Why can’t you enjoy the rest of the room???? WHY CAN’T YOU GIVE ME SOME PEACE