Taste of Little Italy 2013

Also known as: oh my god I’m dying of heat get me OUT OF HERE.

It looked like it was going to rain all day from the weather forecast, but after some crazy downpour in the morning, it cleared up to a beautiful afternoon. Of course, it only took me three hours or so of cajoling to get my sister out of the house, and by that time, it was way too hot to walk down there. Drive it is.

Despite living in Toronto all my life, the only other festival I’ve been to is Nuit Blanche. And wow, despite the heat, there were a lot of people. The best part was definitely the music though. We’d stupidly eaten lunch before heading out, so the only food I got were some churros (I love churros okay) and ice cream.

People, people, and more people!

People, people, and more people!



What surprised me the most was that despite being a taste of Little Italy, a lot of the food being sold wasn’t, in fact, Italian at all.

So that pig was just a little creepy...

So that pig was just a little creepy…

Yeah pig heads aren't creepy at all.

Yeah pig heads aren’t creepy at all.

We spent most of the time soaking in the atmosphere and enjoying the music, but by the time we’d been there for an hour or so, it was time for some shade. Dropped by Eat My Martini because “the drinks look pretty…” Unfortunately, with my G2 license and 0% BAL requirement, I couldn’t drink. “Now you know how I felt when I forgot my license in New Zealand,” my sister said as I eyed her drink enviously. Oh well, there’s always a next time!

A Spider's Bite @ Eat My Martini

A Spider’s Bite @ Eat My Martini

Oh, and here’s what I wore :


OOTD (borrowed from my sister)


2 thoughts on “Taste of Little Italy 2013

  1. Yep, the same was true when I went to Taste of Danforth. It was so crowded on the streets we ended up ducking into an English Pub (of all places) and having pork tongue sandwiches. Haha.

    Cute outfit!

    • Oh man, that sounds delicious though! I’d still love to go to Taste of Danforth some day…

      Thanks! Sarah has some clothes in her closet that makes awesome cute outfits :p Makes me too lazy to actually bring any clothes home!

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