Princeton (and Accidents in Film)

princeton 02

Princeton is home to some rather impressive architecture

While I was off playing in NYC, my brother’s fencing tournament in another part of New Jersey some half hour away from Princeton was the real reason for the trip. Since we were staying with friends in Princeton, not making a visit to the Princeton University campus seemed to be a faux pas. (Also, I was excited to see what the Physics building looked like.) We happened to be there on Reunion/Convocation weekend, and wow was it busy. They were still setting up in the morning, placing chairs in absolutely straight lines by measuring it out. And they have fireworks too? When I think about how our convocation is held in the same gym where we write our exams…

Empty chairs, waiting to be filled.

Empty chairs, waiting to be filled, all in pencil neat rows.

We met up with my friend, C, who attends Princeton, who I hadn’t seen in quite a while. She said the graduating seniors also get free booze… Why am I not graduating from Princeton!?

I asked her to take us to the physics building, because Princeton is one of the schools I would love to go to for my PhD. Except…she had no idea where the physics building was. Is this endemic of all physics buildings??? Is physics the Canada of the university campus??? Thankfully, one of her friends texted back with the name, so we started making our way over.

Apparently these just appeared one day. She had no idea why they showed up either. I do appreciate the unicorn that’s been made out of the horse, though.

There’s something so lovely about archways.

After all the beautiful stonework and stately buildings, stepping into the courtyard that lead to the physics building almost felt like I was back in Waterloo…

And here we are?

“I’m not sure if this is the right building…” she followed up with.

Unfortunately, we had to start our drive back to Canada, and she was meeting a friend. We’d be seeing each other once she was back in Canada for the summer, anyway. On the other hand, I probably wouldn’t be seeing my other friend for quite some time – we’d been good friends back in…daycare, but after their family moved away, we never had much contact. Still, it was fun! Even if D didn’t appreciate my makeup haul :p

At some point, the back of my Diana mini popped open, exposing the film. It burnt out some frames, but left a splendid colour effect on others:

princeton 05 princeton 06 princeton 07

That’s my favourite part of lomography. You’re never quite sure what you’re going to get.

*photos taken with a diana mini on lomo cn 100 and then murdered by my scanner, except for physics building, from my phone. i really need a camera.


2 thoughts on “Princeton (and Accidents in Film)

  1. American universities have so much more character and charm. But those animal head sculptures are kinda creepy.

    Re: your film – how serendipidous!

    • I feel like Western (and Queens) also has some of that character and charm, but Waterloo is wholly lacking in it!! So it was such a pleasant surprise for me 😀

      Well, with the decorations, they were kind of cute…. You can’t really tell from that picture, but it was actually the 12 zodiacs animals

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