Ben Thanh

2013-06-25 19.00.26

The Ben Thanh Special Beef Noodle Soup

Saying I should go to Ben Than for pho is not the same as actually doing it. This week, celebrating a friend’s employment, we made a visit to the one up by Conestoga Mall. I guess we went early enough that we didn’t have to wait at all to be seated, which was great! There were also only three of us. The decor was nice – it’s a large, clean place.

Since I was craving pho, I ordered 101, their Special Beef Noodle Soup in Large…assuming that since I was hungry, I would totally finish. (Spoiler: it was too much.) It came pretty quickly and looked great, but after I’d dumped in everything I usually did, the broth was still disappointing. Maybe I’m just spoiled for pho, coming from Toronto, but this was definitely the worst pho I’ve ever had…although that’s not actually saying much, because every other bowl of pho I’ve had basically ranks as the best I’ve ever had. It might also be that I usually order pho with my beef rare, so I wasn’t used to the cooked beef.

But hey, it’s Waterloo! For $8 and a pretty big bowl of pho, it’s not that bad. 3.5/5? But I think I’ll add pho to the list of cravings I should stick to satisfying in Toronto…

Speaking of which, I’m still craving bulgogi. But since we’re going camping over the long weekend and then heading down to Ohio, looks like that’s going to have to wait.


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