Crochet 3DS XL Case

2013-07-10 13.07.04

The finished case with the 3dsxl snug and safe inside 🙂

I’ve been playing Fire Emblem Awakening on my friend’s DS and game, but that’s not the same as having your own! And I can’t wait to play Animal Crossing: New Leaf and of course the new Pokemon games!! Last week, I finally got a 3DS (XL, because the screen is so much nicer) and within 24 hours…had managed to give it a scratch:

Nicked in the bottom right corner, and at the top notification light ):

Nicked in the bottom right corner, and at the top notification light ):

Clearly, carrying it around in the styrofoam sleeve it had come in wasn’t going to work, so I started browsing cellphone/tablet/laptop sleeves/cozies knit and crochet designs for ideas. I mean, the 3DS is just like a really, really, really big cell phone, right? Might as well put my newly learned crochet skills into use.

I eventually settled on this one (from allaboutami@tumblr), which I thought was adorable. I loved the idea of the fabric lining peeking through the sides so that the sides were a different pattern from the rest of the case. My mom had cut up my favourite winnie the pooh pyjama pants a while ago to use as rags, and I wanted to use what was left…except there was no single piece big enough!

Oh well, I’d cross that bridge when I got to it, I thought.

I started out by chaining 28, thought that was too little, chained 35, found that was way too big, and settled with a chain of 30. This was actually still too big, and counting stitches now, it should have been a chain of 25.

I realised it was too big partway through, but figured better to be too big than too small! I also had just picked up another skein of berroco comfort in the multi-baby colorway this time (the blue is the berroco comfort in security blanket) and thought it would be great for a lining. And a single crochet joining would be really cute! I was worried there would be too much colour and thought about using a solid pink, but my pink yarn is still attached to my WIP goldfish, so…

I wanted to be able to charge my DS when it was still in the case, so I left a “buttonhole” at the charger port. I think I chained 7 and skipped three stitches to make sure I’d have a big enough hole for the cable to fit through. It fits well!

You can just see the charger port through the hole.

You can just see the charger port through the hole.

Figuring out where the actual button holes should go was a little tricky, because I’d never done it before, and to make it worse, the decreases I was doing for the flap meant that the two little buttons would have ended up outside the flap…

2013-07-10 11.31.41

Just one button!

As you can see, I didn’t end up putting the other two in :p

For the sides, I did single crochet in every stitch along the flap, and where the top of the case would be, and double crochet where the seams would join. This also helped when I was joining the seams, because I’d already marked out where to start!

A few loose stitches to hold the sides of the case in the right place as I join the seams

A few loose stitches to hold the sides of the case in the right place as I join the seams

I was silly and should have skipped a stitch or done a decrease or something for where the bottom of the case was, but in the end, I just tucked in the corners and it looks alright.

Here's the side of the finished case

Here’s the side of the finished case

And yay! Done! I kind of want to replace the button with one of those nice, big, wooden ones, but that’s still on its way from Amazon, and I think the black and red is cute and matches my DS, right? Maybe I’ll just keep it as is after all 🙂


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