{Grad Apps} GRE Vocabulary!

I’ve booked my general GRE for a week from now, and really wish my practice scores would stop fluctuating so much… Regardless! I figured I’d take a break from misreading math questions to put up some of the things I’ve been using to study vocabulary.

Here is a list I put together of words I didn’t know. Note: some of these words may never show up, most have been gleaned from practice tests, and some are from Princeton Review’s “Hit Parade” list. It’s a more eclectic vocab list than most, and should not be used as a core list! Barron’s 800 essential vocab list is also pretty helpful; Quizlet has flash cards for it as well as allows printing as a PDF.

Googling GRE vocab podcasts turned up almost nothing. I personally find audio versions of vocab lists in conjunction with the written lists to be the most helpful way to memorise vocab, so I ended up recording myself reading my own vocab lists.

Files 1-21 and 27-29 correspond to the vocab list in the google docs spreadsheet above. Files 22-26 are from Princeton Review’s “Hit Parade 4” vocab list, and files 30-33 correspond to PR’s “Beyond The Hit Parade 2”. I’ll update the spreadsheet and any uploaded files as I go!

*Note: I have braces and suck at figuring out the pronunciation of words…take pronunciation with a fistful of salt.

Learning vocab sucks, but I hope that someone out there finds this useful! Please let me know in the comments below if you notice any mistakes or errors!


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