{Fluffbutts} Fluffbutts: 324532423. Tian: 1!!

I swear I have non guinea pig related posts in my drafts, but they’re not nearly as fun… (Well, there’s one on translation and a brief review of the 3DS Streetpass Plaza games – well worth the 15$ to get them all, btw, but…fluffbutts!)

Since their cage is tiny, the compromise is to leave most of my room open to them, to wander at will. The one exception? Under my bed/the desk/the printer. The one place they want to be? Under the bed (and, if unavailable, the desk/the printer). Really? I mean, really? Babies, I love you, but after three hours of fencing, the last thing I want to do is be crawling under my bed trying to get you guys out while cleaning up your poop…

This also meant that while I was really sick over the past two days, they were stuck in their cage which sucked for them, I bet.

But. But! Today, victory is mine! Hahahahahahahahaaa haha…ha…..

I must say I obtained some glee from watching them try all their old spots, only to fail.


Oh no.

Oh no no no.

They have succeeded. They have found a new way. They are unstoppable.

I have only chased them back from the walls of my fortress temporarily. They refuse to be thwarted. Oh no.


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