{Food} This Soylent Is Not Made of People

(this is a long post about DIY soylenttl;dr taste check pass, ease of making pass, effectiveness remains to be seen.)

I don’t always have time to eat. Between 20-30 hour assignments, a research project, grad school applications and everything else, “food”, and more crucially, obtaining (edible) food, gets shoved to the back. Despite what I tell my parents, I may have skipped a meal here or there… or here and there and a couple other places too but shhhh. Missed breakfasts because of 8:30 classes, missed lunch because of being caught up in assignments only to rush to class late only to spend four hours in the lab and suddenly it’s past dinner time, missed dinner because it’s eight pm and I just got home and the only thing I have the energy for is to curl up on the floor and sleep…. the list goes on and on.

“btw,” a friend messages me, “have you heard about soylent?” He also gives me a link. Yay links! (I was actually remarking about Maxwell’s poetry at this point, but huh. Okay. Yeah, the dude who those equations are named after wrote poetry. It’s…not that bad? I guess???) He also adds that it is “tasty as fuck” and “surprisingly satisfying.” This, I can believe – Starbucks frapps as liquid meals, anyone?

Soylent is intended to be a food substitute that is quick and easy and supplies all the body’s nutrients, so the time used to prepare/consume food can be used for other things. Not surprisingly, it started as a tech people thing.

I’m skeptical, though. “I like real food too much,” I message back. That is, when I actually get around to eating it. (Seriously, I love food. If you ever have the misfortune of having me as your tourgide around Toronto, the only real tour you’re going to get is a food tour.) But, intrigued, I spend some time reading and figure that it doesn’t look that difficult to throw together. No idea where I’m going to get potassium, but it doesn’t seem like it’s a huge deal, so I figure I’ll leave it out. Actually, I have no idea where to get anything but I’m told bulk barn has it all.

(Speaking of Bulk Barn…it will forever be a mystery how, after living in the same city for five years, I still manage to get lost biking to a plaza I used to frequent. My journey there may have involved a very, very large loop that tripled my travel time. Hmph.)

Bulk Burn does have everything. I substituted the soy protein for whey protein – the whey protein comes out to ~11$ for 3 “days” worth, which also makes up the bulk of the 15$ purchase. I have plenty of brown sugar, cocoa powder, and olive oil at home. I choose not to get the Emergen-C because I have a powdered Vitamin C supplement at home as well.

While my rice is cooking for dinner, I start mixing everything up. My biggest problem is figuring out where to mix and store it in… after some difficulty with attempting to mix it in pasta sauce jars, I remember I have mixing bowls. Too late for the assorted powder already strewn across the counter. Oops.

As promised, it’s quick and easy. The recipe suggests chilling before consumption, so I scoop out a third of the dry mix, dump it into one of the glass jars, and fill it with water and the suggested amount of olive oil. It looks…appetising…?


*disclaimer: I’m not really a health drink supplement drink etc person and the only liquids I put into my mouth usually taste pretty damn good

To be honest, I’m skeptical even as I’m about to take my first sip. It smells like olive oil. I don’t like olive oil. It reminds me too much of being in fourth grade and suffering through lice treatments. But it’s supposed to be “tasty as fuck” sooooooo….

Huh. Not…bad? Despite the entire thing smelling like olive oil, the taste is barely there. It tastes like the grain powder that goes on top of patbingsoo, which I’m not a huge fan of but don’t really mind. While not tasty as fuck, it’s passable. As a quick breakfast? Definitely doable.

tl;dr taste check pass, ease of making pass, effectiveness remains to be seen. also need to work on making less of a mess


Don’t worry, I cleaned it up!

On an unrelated note, Xiuxiu has taken to sitting in front of the fridge and wheeking at me until he gets fed his greens. Cute, but noisy. So, so noisy.


Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeed me. Now now now now now. NOW.


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