{Misc} 50% Single, 100% Awesome – Why Yes, I study Physics


When the Physics Department barbecue was first announced, I was skeptical…but it turned out to be a lot of fun. I guess with free food, you can’t really go wrong! Highlights of the day involved free food, a lot of people getting into a volkswagon, pretty cool prizes for some surprisingly entertaining games, and, most importantly, “pie”ing professors in the face. (The quotes are because there was no pie involved, only whipped cream.)

So yeah. Now I have a pretty cool t-shirt:


Another day of life, another day of wondering how I can ever be as awesome as Feynman

And we got to see some of our profs get pied in the face:

(It was for a department fundraiser!!!!)

Although I will forever be sad that the only sizes of the shirt above (50% single) were in XL ): I wanted one! A LOT! I mean, just look at the back…


50% Single

Hurrah for old physclub shirts that no one even remembers who designed anymore!


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