{Food} A is for Apples

It’s autumn! Yay autumn! Yay for the common cold, midterms, fall games releases that I don’t have the time to play, maple leaves and apples! “I thought you hated apples,” some of you might say – but not true. I just hate raw apples. I don’t even hate them, it’s just that after years and years of braces, uncooked apples are a pain to eat.

The weekend of the September PGRE, my friend J was in Toronto on a visit. Wandering down Bloor, we passed by The Cookbook store where they were having an apple event. And tasty, tasty apple sauce. This one, in particular, was being promoted by Marion Kane for her co-written cookbook Share.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the only thing that got me through this week was being excited to make applesauce.

I love applesauce. Love it. Since this was a test batch, I only used three apples: two Empire and one McIntosh because, uh, that’s what’d been on sale this week.

Anyway, the apples are now peeled and sliced and in the oven, and I thought I’d take the time to jot out a blog post while I’m still on “study break”. Speaking of peeling apples, I learned that particular skill while in a moving car. I left some of the skins on though, and I may have left some of the apple on the skins, because…



I hope this pot is as oven safe as it’s supposed to be…

Oh man. The kitchen smells amazing. So amazing.

Oh. The timer went off.


Be jealou


Be very jealous.


Very very jealous (yes that is chocolate).

A++ will do again. For ~5 minutes of effort (and an hour of waiting) this is a slice of heaven in a sea of busy insanity.

Ahhhh autumn, how I love autumn.

Next up, apple crumble. Hehehehehehe.


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