{Fluffbutts, Grad Apps} D-2 Day

GRE this Saturday!

I could talk about that, or…

I can talk about the fluffbutts. Guess who’s going away on their first overnight trip tomorrow? Yup, Xiuxiu and Mianmian 🙂 

(Wait, first let me share these flashcards I’ve been making while studying for the PGRE. They’re for a software called Anki which runs on the PC, android, and ios…although these particular flash cards have trouble being displayed on my android phone for some reason ): They’re by no means complete and I still don’t have special relativity…but that should be easy, right?)

Since the GRE is taking place in Hamilton this time and not Toronto, I’ll be staying with a friend and can’t bring the fluffbutts along. Thankfully, H said he’d be fine with taking them for the weekend. Weekend trip! They’re all packed – food, snacks, bedding… not sure they can take all their toys with them, though!

Speaking of toys, the fluffbutts have been enjoying two new additions:


Zip zip zoom. Look ma, I’m a motion blur filter!


Over and under!

Yup, in addition to the boring single-box tunnels and plethora of paper bags, they now have an extended tunnel with a cave attached. They also have a new wooden “house”, thanks to my grandpa :p (“I was wondering what your grandpa was doing sawing and nailing things outside…. he was making a house for the little rats??” Yes, dad :D) 

Update on the bed situation: it’s no longer a place to hide. But it is a game. “How long can we stay here before the human figures out? Hey look human look LOOK WHERE I AMMMMMMMMM WHEEK WHEEK WHEEEEEEEEEEE HAHAHAHA  YOU CAN’T GET ME— oops just lemme slip out the other end!” IS THIS FUNNY TO YOU BECAUSE IT’S NOT TO ME, DARN IT.

But, it seems like no matter how many hidey places and tunnels and paper bags I give them, their favourites are still the ones where they’re not supposed to be…


Huh? Oh, I’m just another can of V8……..


Okay, time to study for real now…


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