{Fluffbutts} New home!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks…busy, and cold, and wet. Even though their new pen has been set up for some time, I’d never had the time to pick up the plastic for the bottom of their cage. After finally finding time to catch Ender’s Game with a friend at the mall, I meandered over to Home Depot in search of Plaskolite’s corrugated plastic. (For anyone else in Canada looking for Cloroplast for C&C cages for guinea pigs, Home Depot has it under the brand name Plaskolite! The corrugated plastic sheets (as opposed to the light covers) were tucked away in a corner and I had to ask to find it. The first two people I asked also didn’t know what I was talking about.) The sizes were either…too small, or as tall as I was………. so I ended up picking up 4 sheets of “too small”.

Two hours of measuring, cutting, misplacing tape, misplacing knife, etc later…


Bottom of their new cage along with the cardboard extension. (Their litter box/old cage goes in there so it’s not a huge deal what’s on the bottom)

Pfft, why use clear packing tape when you can use hello kitty packing tape? Anyway, some tips that might seem obvious but are easy to forget:

1) If the blade of the knife is shorter than the plastic is thick, you can’t cut through no matter how you press. I did my first cut like I was cutting a silicon wafer – carefully, with the minimum pressure. And then I realised – what am I doing???? I CAN PRESS AS HARD AS I WANT:


The blade’s pulled out just enough to cut, but not enough to cut all the way through.

2) score on the back of the plastic……….. This isn’t such a huge deal if you’ve got a rectangular cage because you’ll be needing two of each identical piece, but since mine is a bit lopsided….

3) plastic is pretty forgiving! You could always just tape it back together. And you can always peel tape off plastic easily too.

Anyway, the finished cage:


ImageYes, that is a mooncake box serving as a second litter box under there. Hey, whatever works, right? For now the fleece is just taped down with a ton of tape. Eventually it’ll be velcroed down, but I need to head back to toronto to pick up the velcro. There’s a little drawbridge flap door for them to get in and out – that part closes with a latch, but I haven’t figured out how to keep the fence part closed so it closes/opens easily. Hmmm.

My mom says I should make their cage smaller so I can make my room seem bigger. Whenever my friend visits though, she points out that keeping the cage as big as it is makes my room look neater overall….


My half of the room…….their half of the room…………… Oops.


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