{Fluffbutts} Guinea Pigs, Fluffy Pigs, Dummy Pigs???

2013-12-17 11.06.55

In Chinese, we call guinea pigs 豚鼠/túnshǔ. My family likes to call them 甜鼠/tianshu (sweet pigs) – because Tian is me! I call them my silly fluffbutts. My friend calls them 蠢鼠/chǔnshǔ (stupid pigs). Now which one is the most apt…?

As much as I think guinea pigs have to be some of the dumbest domesticated creatures alive, lately I’ve been wondering if they don’t show their intelligence in other ways. They seem to be quite capable of jealousy, for example – if either Xiuxiu or Mianmian is on my lap for cuddle and lettuce time, the other one refuses to come up. If I’m having a late lie-in and they absolutely must be fed now….a lot of wheeking ought to do the trick. If that won’t, well, time to make a break for it! (But if mommy’s not in the room…nah…..no point.) I’m still not sure if they even recognise me, or if they only recognise their room!? Or their food!?

But intelligence isn’t only measured by someone’s ability to, say, find the transition probability between the vacuum state and the first excited state. I guess the babies have their own talents!

….Last exam in an hour, by the way. Yikes~!


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